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Thu, July 02, 2015,14:13
Advantages of RCC Dam Shaho Wa Aroos for Afghanistan


Shah Wa Aroos Dam has been designed on the Shakardara River near the village of the same name located about 24 kilometers northwest of Kabul (Afghanistan).
This dam with 81 meters height at the rocky base and about 330 000 cubic meters of concrete, would be the first Roller-compacted concrete (R.C.C) that will be implemented within 55 months by Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh JV.
Shakaedara River for the purpose of supplying agricultural water required for downstream lands, providing a sustainable water service to city of Kabul and generating electrical energy. Currently, The Project has achieved 25% physical progress and design operation, mobilization, dam flanks drilling and water diversion systems (culvert) has been fully implemented. In addition, the execution process of constructing a cofferdam and dam foundation excavation is started.


Aug 4, 2012 14:04
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